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The unwelcome breed...

This is as close as I can get to a Washington gaming forum. Hopefully, someone near where I am will see this. I'm in Carson, WA, and looking for a game with a very open-minded ST. See, I was in Chicago, visiting friends back home, and they invited me to do a one-shot at the LARP they were in, held by Mind's Eye Theatre(MET), and so we started developing a character. They had a changing breeds book, and I looked through it, and when I hit Ananasi, I became intrigued. A character was already forming in my head...gears were turning. They ruled out Ananasi, on account of such a character would be killed on discovery by most of the group. I'm looking for a game that might have an opening for an Ananasi character. I'm almost done with the basic personal info, and will be working on background next, which I have ideas about, and then stats. That's just the way characters form in my mind. I could use a second person to bounce ideas off of, and I could use a game to throw this critter into. Here's hoping...
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