Phillip M. Vector (lance_lake) wrote in wod_oregon,
Phillip M. Vector

Dragonflight LARPs in Seattle, WA

Just a reminder..

If you want to run a LARP of your own creation at Dragonflight (, then the deadline to get me a write up (Minimum players, Max players, Time to run it, Description and name of the game) is June 1st at 8am PST.

If you want to run a premade LARP we are already running, then the deadline is June 15th at 8am PST.

Both will allow you to earn points which will get you into the convention for free, get food, crash space at the hotel, etc (Note, you need to earn enough points to get these rewards. See for details).

No matter what though, don't forget to stop by the LARP area at Dragonflight and say hi. :)
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