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5th Wall Gaming at Orycon

We will be attending Orycon to promote Metacon. Please stop by and check us out. We are at the top of the stairs on the second floor by the exercise room (Yeah, we aren't happy with the placement, but it's our first year there).

We will be bringing "THE BOX" (for on the fly LARPs) as well as having rules for the Metaverse handy. We are also offering an "Orycon" rate of $15 ($5 off the current price) for anyone who stops by with a 5th Wall Gaming account (Create one at and a check/cash/money order/barter items/etc.

You have to admit. $15 is a good price. We have the local MIB group running board and card games as well as some pretty kick ass roleplaying games (The MIB are currently compiling their schedule, so it will be up soon). Heck, I'd personally pay $15 to meet and take part in a panel with the former president of FASA (Shadowrun and Battletech). That's some good gaming history right there.

Now, what is Metacon?

We will be gathering at the Clarion Hotel ( - (503) 252-2222 - 11518 Northeast Glenn Widing Drive, Portland, OR, 97220) for 3 days of gaming on May 27-29 2011. We have a special room rate set up for $69 a night. Just mention Metacon.

Early Bird Registration - $20 until December 31st 2010.
Pre-Registration - $25 until April 1st 2010.
At the Door - $30

Those prices are for all weekend long. For day passes, it would be $15 for one day and $25 for 2 days payable at the door only.

Additionally, we will be having a hospitality room with REAL food. Chili, Veggies, Sandwiches, Pasta, Etc. Extra cost will be $10 for the whole weekend.

If you wish to GM an event, then you need your submission entered into our system by December 31st 2010. For GMing, you get free admission for 12 hours. For 16 hours, you get a free hospitality room membership.

Also, besides the Board, Card and Roleplaying games, for those of you wanting to play in the Metaverse (our 24/7/365 LARP), everyone registered for the convention (or paying at the door) will be able to make one. All you need is a Genre you want to play in and your name. Rules can be found at (

Guest of Honor Sam Lewis earned his Bachelor's and Master's of Arts degrees in Economics from Northwestern University in 1981 and 1983 respectively. Following graduation he got a job with a small adventure game company, Mayfair Games, where he did his first commercial game design, Dragonriders of Pern. He eventually became Vice President of the company and was game developer the DC Heroes line, as well as Mayfair's RPG supplement line known as Role Aids. Sam then went to FASA Corporation, and eventualy was made President. During his tenure at FASA he directed the development of BattleTech, Renegade Legion, Earthdawn and Shadowrun. He also was the novel series editor for those properties, which where published by ROC. In 1995 Sam went to Kesmai Corporation, where he ran Kesmai's GameStorm site, and dabbled in online game design. He then moved on to Sony Online Entertainment, where he worked on Star Wars Galaxies as a senior system and content designer . Then Sam went to Cartoon Network as Lead game Designer for FusionFall. Following his time at Cartoon Network he took his current role of Senior Game Designer at ZeniMax Online Studios working on a game he can't talk about.

Guest of Honor Scott Corum has been running Role Playing Games since the age of twelve. He is a trained Biblical theologian, Master Hypnotist, and author of Hot Chicks: The Role Playing Game. In his spare time, he produces "Uncle Drak's Magical Clubhouse" for his local cable station, and gives seminars on the dynamic communication process of RPGs. He lives with his wife and son in Torrance, California, where he owns and operates Dakkar Unlimited: a dedicated e-publishing company. He is featured in the documentary "The Dungeon Masters," and can be induced to tell stories about embarrassing Role Playing incidents at the drop of a hat.

Checks or money orders may be made out to

5th Wall Gaming
12524 SE Powell Ct.
Apartment 52
Portland, OR 97236

and any questions can be made to or (503) 465-4963.

More info can be found in our website at

We look forward to gaming with you all.
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