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Larp query

So on saturday sara_super_id and my self went to a LARP. Ahhhhh! YOu know whats funny some of them were wearing capes! when people in the past told me they larped I would think "Cape wearing larpers", Its true! Wow It boggles the mind. sara_super_id was one of the cape wearers!

So we have been working on our characters, writing them out and what not only to find out that we can't write out our characters as per the rules in the basic books!! So half of the work we have done has been invalidated by house rules....damn it. The game it self has been simplified in some degree and the damn rock, paper, scissors thing was removed. Thank god, or Joe...

Well anyways I'm going throught the process of creating my character and I can't get a hold of the Character ST to speak with her over things. I can't tell if it is worth writing out the 1500 word character history or not. ARGH!!!!

So there are about 5 things the St's have taken over during character creation. They have removed your ability chose your freebie points, what disciplines you have at creation, and you cannot buy generation as a background. From what i have heard is that your generation is ramdomly generated or some crap like that. While I understand that they don't want everyone to pick the generation back ground and make 8th gen characters it also suck to be forced in to a 14th gen if that what they chose to pick.

As a player I think it is important to have control of my character in the creation process. Having the ST's interfere in the prosses on this level is a bit to extream for me. So this all ties in to having to write up a 1500 word character history, how am i to do this if i don't know what disciplines, what my generation is, and what other special things I have to bring to the table beyond the standard set block of traits, abilities and attributes (no control of freebie points).

What do you guys think? Is this way over the top St control or is this something you would just openly accept and move past. Personaly this feels like far to much ST meddling.
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