Phillip M. Vector (lance_lake) wrote in wod_oregon,
Phillip M. Vector

Gamestorm LARP needs GM's. Portland, OR. March 24th - March 26th

(Crossposted on a few Portland Gaming Journals)

We are currently recruiting LARP GM's to help us run LARPs at Gamestorm (March 24th - March 26 of 2006).

We ask that you provide GM'ing for at least 12 hours during the weekend. More hours are not required, but appreciated (and will get you added bonuses at the end of the con).

We can offer you free admission to the convention and a pizza party at the end. Also, we plan on pooling money together and getting a room (a suite if we can afford it) and you will have an 8 hour block that you can be guaranteed a bed. :)

If you are interested, please contact me ASAP at I need a definitive list by the end of November. Thanks. :)
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