Phillip M. Vector (lance_lake) wrote in wod_oregon,
Phillip M. Vector

Adorable kittens need a home by Christmas

First of all, I am cross posting this to several groups I belong to. I'm sorry if you also belong to several of the groups, but I feel this is important enough to do.

Second, the below post was sent to me about a week ago and still, no one has asked for the kittens. If any of you (or your friends) are interested in having a loveable kitten come Christmas time, then please go to and fill out the form. If you have any other questions, please contact

Thank you for your patience.

I need three cat homes to place kittens in before Christmas.

I have 5 beautiful, healthy, Tonkinese kittens who are now ready for that next development stage of finding and falling in love with their very own people. I bred a litter because I had a request and waiting list of 2 families who wanted mid-winter kittens. Both have since backed out (for their own, legitimate, if galling, reasons) and I haven't had anyone materialize out of thin air yet who is the perfect home. My website is down and is rather defunct so we've not had a strong presence on the internet to get the word out that we have them.

I would really like to gift each kitten with their new family by x-mas.

I have Heffalump and Woozle - champaign mink boys - They would like to be placed together. They are closely bonded and very very loving. They are near-identical and will have that siamese 'point' look with a softer oatmeal body color (instead of white), chocolate brown points and aqua eyes.

Rabbit and Piglet - a champaign point female and a champaign solid female - They could be placed together (Life's Little Instruction book says kittens are better in pairs!) but their personality type could go to single homes too.. they would just expect a LOT of attention from their new humans.. and climb right under the covers in bed to get it. Rabbit will maintain a white body color, blue eyes and brown points. Piglet will have green-aqua eyes and be cinnamon/honey (points and body) colored all over.

Christopher Robin is the pick of the litter - I so wish he had been a girl he would be perfect in our show/breeding program if he were. He could easily be placed in a show home and his unusual color, a platinum solid, gives him a soft, pastel grey, body color all over (points and body) with green-aqua eyes. He is confident, cheeky, and doesn't need any other cats to keep him happy or entertained.. just you.
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