devilman06660 (devilman06660) wrote in wod_oregon,

Portland metro area even eugene...

I'm looking to join or start  a larp group i live in vancouver Wa about 2 miles from oregon..Don't know any players in the area and am having a hard time locating any,hoping to find some here..any and all idea or people welcome..thnx.
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If you are looking for a LARP in the Portland area, your best bet is to post up on and you may get a response there.
I am in the local Camarilla, and I can highly recommend the games, we have a lot of new players and we are having tons of fun right now. We have games in Portland, Vancouver, and Eugene. We even have one tomorrow night at the Pleasant Valley Grange 17115 SE Foster Rd. Portland OR. If you get there ask around for Sara. I look just like I do in my icon.

There is lot of fun stuff going on. The cover charges for games is really cheap, in fact we have a game for free this Saturday night at Guardian Games and there is a Changeling game Saturday 1-5 in Beaverton. We have Changeling, Vampire, and Mage games running currently, and a Werewolf game is in the works. If you would like, go ahead and email me, I can get you started Larping this week!

sarasuperid at gmail dot com
Thnx soo much for the as for local groups is there a number i can call to talk to someone abotu requirements and what i need to do to join?
Yes, just email me, and I will give you my phone number.
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